An Introduction: Comprehensive Pulmonary Medicine eCourse - By Dr. Rajesh Chawla

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National College of Chest Physicians was founded in 1959 as the first association of Chest Physicians in India. Over the years, the Pulmonary Medicine has not only progressed tremendously but also established a very important super speciality in India. A large number of Pulmonologists are trained in various institutions in India. In order to quench the thirst for knowledge and learning, NCCP has put together some of the best faculty members from their respective fields in a series of over 60 lectures.

Pulmonary Medicine, at present, not only includes general Pulmonology but also, Interventional Pulmonology, critical care, and sleep medicine. It has become mandatory for the chest physicians to acquire the skills of such important interventions.

With these in mind, we, at National College of Chest Physicians realized that it would be very beneficial for all who seek to learn. Thus, Comprehensive Pulmonary Medicine Course (CPMC) was conceptualized, and after various inputs and extensive hard and smart work of the teams, we have been able to make this a reality. CPMC makes the best lectures available to everyone irrespective of their physical availability or time constraints.

This course has 50 modules and over 60 master classes to cover all the important aspects of Pulmonary Medicine. These lectures have been delivered by one of the best teachers in the country on the subject. This course is not only good for the students but also for the Pulmonologists, to update themselves with the latest recommendations for the management of various respiratory diseases

I am sure, this course will encourage and inspire you to read more.

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    The CPMeC Course is a comprehensive 50 modules e-Course on the important aspects of Comprehensive Pulmonary Medicine. The course will span for a duration of 12 weeks. The course is designed in a sequential format and to proceed you will have to complete all activities of the previous module; for example, you will start with Module 1 and will be able to proceed to Module 2 only after all activities of Module 1 are marked complete.

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